• Who should enroll in Academy courses?

    The content of Academy courses draws on the nearly three decades of work that NFI has done to help thousands of direct-service organizations at the national, state, and local levels to engage fathers effectively and to run fatherhood programs, initiatives, and other father-focused efforts. Academy courses are perfect for anyone working with fathers, and they're especially great for on-boarding new staff and continued professional development.
    > Fatherhood Program Managers
    >Fatherhood Program Facilitators
    >Family Program Managers
    >Family Program Directors
    >Family Practitioners
    >Social Workers
    >Case Workers

  • What do the Academy courses look like in this system?

    Click here to view the Academy Orientation sheet.

  • How can I pay with a credit card?

    At checkout, click on "Pay with PayPal". You can choose to sign in to PayPal or select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".

  • How can I pay with a purchase order?

    Visit our FatherSource™ website to select courses and pay via purchase order.
    Or you may contact our Resource Center Director, Jacquie Evans at [email protected] or 240-912-1263.

  • How do I enroll myself in a course?

    - Click the "Buy Now" button on the course description page.
    - On your first purchase, create an account using a unique email address.
    - Click the PayPal button to either log into PayPal or pay via credit card.

  • How do I purchase courses for multiple staff members (other than myself)?

    To enroll multiple students and pay via credit card:
    -Start by selecting the course for the first student from the "All Courses" page.
    -Click the "Buy Now" button on the course.
    -Create an account for each student with their unique email address (if they have not already created one).
    -Click the PayPal button to either log into PayPal or pay via credit card.

    If you have more than 5 students to enroll, please contact Jacquie Evans at 240-912-1273 for enrollment help.

  • How do I enroll myself or someone else in multiple courses?

    You may enroll one student in one course at a time. To enroll a student in multiple courses, you must either purchase one of our course bundles or purchase and enroll each student in each course individually.

  • How do I access my Certificate of Completion?

    Once a course is completed (and, if applicable, the exam is passed), you will be presented with your customized certificate on the screen. You may select from print or download to save the file to your computer.

    If you need a copy of your certificate at a later time:
    -Log back into the Academy.
    -Go to the "My Account" page, then select "Certificates" from the left menu.
    -View, print, or download your certificate.

  • Who do I contact for technical support?

    Sean Coleman
    e: [email protected]
    p: 240-912-1276