Welcome to the Father Engagement Academy™
by National Fatherhood Initiative®!

The Father Engagement Academy™ by National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) equips individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to begin or become even more effective at engaging fathers in any community or organization setting and with all types of fathers served. The Academy also equips individuals to excel at recruiting and retaining fathers in fatherhood programs and in facilitating those programs.

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Everything we've learned about what’s most critical in engaging fathers is at your fingertips through the Father Engagement Academy. The content of Academy courses draws on the nearly three decades of work that NFI has done to help thousands of direct-service organizations at the national, state, and local levels to engage fathers effectively and to run fatherhood programs, initiatives, and other father-focused efforts. Academy courses are perfect for anyone working with fathers, and they're especially great for onboarding new staff and continued professional development!

About National Fatherhood Initiative™

National Fatherhood Initiative® is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1994 to reverse the nation's trend toward father absence. Our mission focuses on equipping direct-service organizations to engage fathers effectively. We pursue that mission by being the nation’s leading provider of:

  • Evidence- and research-based fatherhood programs and workshops.
  • Training and technical assistance on how to effectively engage fathers.
  • Strategic planning and father-engagement assessment services.
  • Other research-based father-engagement resources (e.g. brochures, posters, and other print materials).

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