These two courses create a powerful duo that equips you and your organization to better engage fathers by assessing your father-friendliness and incorporating your learnings about how to engage fathers best.

The Father Engagement Certificate™ training covers five core competencies for effective father engagement, while the Father Friendly Organization Workshop™ walks you through our comprehensive Father Friendly Check-Up tool to assess your organization's father friendliness and teaches you how to create a father-friendly organization in any setting. 

This course combo is ideal for staff who are just beginning to engage fathers and those who are seasoned in father engagement.

Please note: Students are given 90 days to complete the course.

Father Engagement Certificate™ Topics

  • Foundational: How to Create a Father-Friendly Organization.
  • Program Design: 7 Best Practices in Designing a Fatherhood Program.
  • Recruitment & Retention: How to Think Like a Marketer When Marketing a Fatherhood Program.
  • Involving Moms: How to Work with Moms to Encourage Father Involvement.
  • Fundraising: How to Develop a Funding Plan for a Fatherhood Program.

Father Friendly Organization Workshop™ Topics

  • The 4 Father-Friendly Assessment Categories
  • 8 Case Studies
  • Father-Friendly Action Plan
  • Take a Systems Perspective
  • The Automated Father Friendly Check-Up™

Who Should Enroll

  • Practitioners and organizations that want to better engage fathers in their existing programs and services for families or designed specifically for fathers. 
  • Organization staff managers in any setting (e.g. social workers and case managers who want to better engage fathers in child welfare cases and Head Start/Early Head Start staff who want to better engage fathers).